COME FLY WITH ME! A Jazz World Tour

Greetings, dear Jazz Pals, once more as we happily prepare to meet again to enjoy good company, catch up on holiday news, sup a few cups and, oh yes, enjoy some groovesome music together!

Thursday 29th August is the date to keep, and I hope that our evening will be further enhanced by sunshine and warmth of the meteorological kind, as well as our usual bonhomie.

The main slot is taken by Bernard's Come Fly with Me! – A Jazz World Tour, where he hopes that  we shall be travelling first-class for a whirlwind tour of Jazz to destinations near and far; time to update your passports, order travellers’ cheques, and brave those inoculations for exotic climes.

A very special treat then awaits us with the most welcome return of Dave Bell, who presents an appreciation of the music of Oliver Nelson, celebrated American jazz saxophonist, clarinettist, arranger, composer, and bandleader: what a delight!

Lest we forget, our unique monthly Jazz Raffle promises another cornucopia of exquisite prizes - a vast range of newJazz CDs.

Looking forward to seeing you, whether a present member or an interested guest!


Location Letchworth Con. Club