Sound of Spitfire, the Internet radio station, now has a regular Monday evening show by English drummer John Petters.

Tune in on Monday night at 7pm (approximately, for some reason the show often starts late!)  repeated at 1-2pm UK BST Wednesdays and 1am (00:00 utc/gmt) Thursday.

Playing traditional New Orleans style jazz and music, mostly but not exclusively, from the 20s and 30s.

Here’s the link to listen to Sound of Spitfire : https://www.soundofspitfire.co.uk

For more information on the station itself see: soundofspitfire.info

See also John's own site at  https://traditional-jazz.com/

The jazz show is taking a break over Christmas. Instead John will present:
It’s Turned Out Nice Again – A 60th Anniversary Celebration of George Formby. on Sound of Spitfire - Part One - Monday 27th December at 7pm.
An idol of such diverse showbiz figures as Beatle, George Harrison, King of Skiffle, Lonnie Donegan, and film star Peter Sellars, the legendary Lancashire comedian, ukulele player and singer, George Formby, remains a household name, 60 years after his early death in 1961 at the age of 56.

Multi Instrumentalist and Entertainer, Sean Moyses joins John, for this 60th anniversary celebration of George Formby’s life and music.Sean is a world class banjo, guitar and Ukulele player.Since Covid, he is mainly working as a solo entertainer. He is known as The Banjo Man.
See Sean and John Petters performing Fanlight Fanny here: https://youtu.be/Q-r2OVCyskc



The Gordon Craig Theatre Stevenage has some jazz shows lined up for 2022.
29 January: The Glen Miller Orchestra, and Syd Lawrence Orchestra on 2nd March.


The Jazz Guide has restarted publication with a list of live, mainly traditional, gigs and jazz breaks for Christmas and thru next year.
See the link below for more info on jazz events nationwide or to receive a monthly copy by post.

: thejazzguide.co.uk.


Drummer John Petters has, sadly, decided to discontinue playing live gigs.

In his own words:
"Last Saturday I played my final session at Old Harlow with a great line-up – Simon Nelson, trumpet, Richard Exall, reeds, Alistair Allan, trombone, Tim Huskisson, piano and Keith Donald, bass. It was a fun gig with a good attendance. My thanks to Bill and Vanessa Cornell for sponsoring it.
I’ve been promoting gigs in Harlow since the early ‘80s at Ted’s Wine bar at the Playhouse, the Square and since 2000 at St John’s, That journey has included a literal who’s who of jazz over that period.The American stars I brought to the town include Wild Bill Davison, Art Hodes, Yank Lawson, Billy Butterfield, Al Casey, George Masso, Kenny Davern and Slim Gaillard.
Nearly all of the British traditional jazz stars, including Humph, Kenny Ball, George Chisholm OBE and Ken Colyer appeared at various times"
"The jazz scene has been decimated by Covid and there is no sign things will get better any time soon.
I intend to focus my attention on my radio show, jazz history, talks on jazz to U3As and any other groups. I will also be writing a column for ‘Radcom’, the journal of the Radio Society of Great Britain and other writing projects. Much as I love playing gigs, enjoying the company of my fellow musicians and meeting jazz fans, I do not like all the aggravation which goes with it. I’ve had enough of driving for hours and lugging my drums into venues and out again and driving home again after playing a high energy gig. I intend to spend much more time enjoying my hobby of amateur radio and other activities."